Wedding in Spanish – Decor Ideas

If you’ve been dreaming of a Spanish wedding, here are a few tips to help you plan the perfect wedding. Firstly, boda (pronounced la boda) is the Spanish word for wedding. This word can refer to a religious ceremony or a wedding banquet. A wedding is a celebration, and a Spanish wedding is no different.

Boda is the spanish word for wedding

Boda is the Spanish word for wedding and it is derived from the Latin word votum, which means ‘vote’. Voting for someone means making a vow to them. This is similar to the word casa, which means home. The two words have similar spellings, but the pronunciation is different.

It is pronounced la boda

If you want to learn how to say “La boda” in wedding in Spanish, you need to understand how it’s pronounced. Luckily, there’s a Spanish pronunciation guide you can use. This guide comes with audio dictionary references to help you get the word right.

It is a religious wedding ceremony

In a Spanish wedding, the bride and groom exchange thirteen coins, called arras, representing their unity. The arras are also a symbol of sharing and abundance. They are brought up by the ring bearer or flower girl. The bride and groom exchange them with a blessing and a prayer by the faithful.

It is a banquet

A traditional Spanish wedding meal consists of a variety of different dishes. Unlike the UK, where chicken and soup are often served as everyday fare, Spanish weddings typically feature prime cuts of beef, lamb, or seafood. Guests usually share starters, a meat or fish main course, and dessert.

It is a celebration

There are many ways to make your wedding in Spanish. Besides speaking the language, you can use cultural traditions to make your wedding more meaningful. For instance, the bride and groom are expected to sneak away from the reception late at night in order to avoid being caught. If they do, they will have good luck in the future. In Spain, partridges are associated with living happily ever after. The Spanish also love fashion, and their favorite chain of clothing stores is Zara.

It is a party

Wedding in Spanish, the wedding party is a group of people attending the ceremony. This group typically includes the bride, maid of honor, bridesmaids, and the groom and his groomsmen. While the word “party” may sound like it is a party, it is not a party in the traditional sense. It is simply a group.

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