Mafia Wedding, Planning, Decorations and Cost Review

Mafia wedding your guests will be in for a excellent if you plan. Not only will you be the star of the mafia wedding theme, but you can also get creative with your decorations. For example, you can decorate the banquet hall with clippings from old newspapers. You can also find vintage cell phones and cigar boxes at your mafia wedding aesthetic. You can also serve forbidden alcohol.

Mafia wedding theme

When planning your Italian style mafia wedding theme, you have to prepare for an outrageous wedding menu. Your guests should expect to eat meat, and you should definitely serve alcoholic drinks. You can also use old newspaper clippings for decorations. You can even have a photo of the newlyweds stylized to look like they are in the time of the mafia. As for the mafia wedding theme music, you can go for a jazz dance instead of the traditional waltz. You can also include a blues dance for the bride and father dance.

Mafia wedding cake is another traditional Italian wedding food staple. It can be served in many different shapes and sauces. Pasta is famous in Italy, and each region of the country has its own specialties. To finish the meal, you can serve sorbet ice cream, a delicious Italian treat that is usually served with alcohol or liquor. It refreshes the palate, and its taste is similar to lemon-mint for mafia wedding.

Mafia wedding decorations

Decorations for a mafia wedding can be done in many ways. Using red roses and restrained bouquets is a classic way to do it. The centerpieces of the tables can be card tables, complete with patefones. The lighting of the hall should be muted. Kerosene lamps and flooring provide adequate illumination. Incorporate some vintage elements, such as a white or black retro car, in your black mafia wedding decorations. Do not use ribbons, dolls, or a lot of colorful items. Instead, use a combination of vintage elements and modern styles.Mafia Wedding, Planning, Decorations and Cost Review Other Wedding

Mafia wedding venue invitations

The invitation should clearly indicate the mafia wedding venue, date, and dress code of your party. The mafia wedding dresses should be centered on gangsters, so your guests should come in black mafia wedding suit, white, or red attire. You can add black and white photos to the walls of the party venue to add an authentic gangster look. It is also a good idea to install heavy curtains to keep out the ruffians.

When it comes to the food for your mafia themed wedding party, you should stick to Italian dishes. You can serve pizza, lasagna, paste, risotto, and other Italian dishes. Don’t forget to include some desserts, like ice cream, as well as Italian beverages for mafia wedding.

Mafia wedding cost

A mafia wedding is a unique way to tie the knot. The wedding is lavish, and the local council is accused of helping a local mafia family organize it. The ceremony, which took place in the town of Nicotera in Calabria, lasted for about three hours. After the mafia wedding ceremony, the newlyweds left for a helicopter tour of the Aeolian islands. Local prosecutors have now opened an investigation.

The mafia wedding was held in a town in Calabria, Italy, last year. Around 400 guests attended the ceremony, which took place in the historic center. Police were worried that local ‘ndrangheta members were involved, and closed down the town’s central square for three hours. The town’s mayor, Franco Pagano, denied being involved in the mafia wedding, but did say that the town council “unwittingly became victims” of the post-wedding furor.Mafia Wedding, Planning, Decorations and Cost Review Other Wedding

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