Choi Ki Wan at Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding

The first episode of Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding starts out with Choi Ki Wan taking her measurements, and Ryu Ho San shows up to help her. He tells her not to get caught and to go back to his palace. Han So, meanwhile, tries to stop Ki Wan from going anywhere with the family.

Choi Ki Wan

“Choi Ki Wan at Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding” is a romantic comedy about a political marriage gone awry. In order to save face in society, Hwa Jin’s brother dresses up as the bride and tries to convince Ryu to join the charade. Once he discovers Hwa Jin’s whereabouts, Choi Ki Wan promises to put things right.

This romantic comedy is a family-friendly drama with some comedic moments thrown in. It doesn’t deal with Ki Wan’s gender identity in an overly dramatic way, and the lead actors remain very honest with each other. The sets are modest and the costumes aren’t too elaborate, which means that children will be able to enjoy it without worrying about spoilers.

Ki Wan and Ho Sun are sitting together when Ho Sun notices that Ki Wan is getting hot. Ki Wan is worried that Tae Hyung will discover that he is still in love with Hwa Jin and break the vows. However, Ki Wan tells Lord Choi that they will find Hwa Jin soon and get married.

Ryu Ho Sun

This South Korean drama follows a young nobleman named Ryu Ho Sun, who has plans to marry a young noble woman named Choi Hwa Jin. While the two are getting ready to wed, Choi disappears from the wedding scene. However, in a surprise twist, she reappears at the wedding. After she hides from the groom, Choi Ki Wan dresses up in a woman’s clothing and pretends to be a woman. The entire plot revolves around this incident.

This historical BL drama has a unique setting. It starts on the day of an arranged marriage, which is marred by trouble. The bride, however, gets cold feet on the day of the wedding, so her brother impersonates her to appear as a newlywed.

Tae Hyung

During the Joseon dynasty, a nobleman named Ryu Ho Seon gets married to a woman named Hwa Jin. However, he does not know that his bride is actually a man. Eventually, he finds out about this secret through his wife’s brother, Choi Ki Wan. This turns out to be the biggest turn of his life.

While the storyline is somewhat serious, there are also some funny moments that make the drama more family-friendly. Unlike most K-dramas, Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding does not go overboard with emotional and dramatic scenes. Despite the fact that the storyline is rather simple, its characters are sincere and ready to move on. The production values are also modest, and there are few extravagant costumes.

The wedding itself has a very unusual setting. It begins on the day of an arranged marriage. The runaway bride, however, gets cold feet on the day of the ceremony, so her brother impersonates her and pretends to be newlyweds.

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